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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
SQL202Accelerated Introduction to SQL Using Microsoft SQL Server I290.00Student9.0 hrs
 Intensive 1 and 1/2 day, hands-on introduction to SQL programming using Microsoft SQL Server. Covers data manipulation, queries, data modification, tables, indexes, views constraints, etc. No prior knowledge of SQL is assumed, although students should have some exposure to programming and/or use of other query systems (including Access).

Session 1Introduction & Basic SQL Data Retrieval 
  • Relational database foundations
  • Using Sql Server Management Studio
  • Basic SQL data retrieval operations, DML
  • SQL Select statement
  • SQL Predicates, SQL Where clause
  • Operators
  • Sorting
  • Calculated fields, Concatenation

Session 2SQL Functions, Multi-table Retrieval 
  • String Manipulation
  • Date Functions, Etc.
  • Inner join, outer joins, self join
  • Single and multi-valued subqueries
  • A look at correlated subqueries
  • Unions
  • SQL Aggregate functions (SUM, AVG, etc.)
  • Group by
  • Having

Session 3SQL Data Modification 
  • Modifying data, Insert, Update, Delete
  • Creating tables and constraints, DDL
  • Modifying table design , ALTER
  • Creating Views and Indexes
  • A look at security