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Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
PYN101Introduction to Coding Using Python120.00Student5.0 hrs
 You will learn the basic concepts of coding using the popular Python programming language as the tool for learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: explore various programming concepts, create simple programs, create and use functions, define classes, implement objects, and handle errors in a program. Students will need Python 3 installed on their computer in order to follow along. Alternatively, the class can be taught using an online code editor such as JDoodle.

Session 1Fundamentals 
  1. Introduction to Programming
    • A Overview of Programming
    • B Introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle
  2. Creating Simple Programs
    • A Work with Variables
    • B Work with Operators
    • C Control Program Execution
    • D Work with Lists
  3. Creating Programs Using Functions
    • A Create Functions
    • B Work with Built-in Functions

Session 2Classes and Objects 
  1. Implementing the Object-Oriented Methodology
    • A Create a Class
    • B Create an Object
    • C Create a Constructor
    • D Create a Subclass
  2. Handling Programming Errors
    • A Fix Syntax Errors
    • B Fix Logical Errors
    • C Fix Runtime Errors