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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
DBD201Accelerated Relational Database Design245.00Student6.0 hrs
 Slightly shorter (1 day) version of DBD200 with minimal SQL. Ideal as a complement to one of the SQL courses. Students will construct, in Visio or another modeling tool, an Entity Relationship Diagram that applies to their application(s) during this course. The price for this course is reduced to $195 if taken in conjunction with an SQL course or a Microsoft Access course. The course is loosely based on the excellent textbook(s) by David Kroenke.

Session 1Relational database Foundations 
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • System Architectures; File Server, Lan, Intra/Internet
  • Relational Database Foundations
  • Data Structures; Lists, B-Trees, Hashes, Indexes

Session 2Relational Database Modeling and Design 
  • Relational Database Modeling
    • Entities
    • Attributes
    • Relationships
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD's); Chen, Others
  • Database Normalization; 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal forms